About us

About us

The Directors of TEASAS are Professor Jules Kneepkens, former Rulemaking Director at EASA, and Ray Elgy, previously Head of Licensing and Training Standards at the UK CAA.

Ray has extensive experience in the certification and continued airworthiness of aircraft, engines (both piston and turbine), Propellers and APUs and associated company approvals (e.g. working with codes including Part 145, Part-21, CS-25/23, CS-E, CS-P etc). In addition he has worked in the approval of aerodromes and in the licensing and training of flight crew and engineers. He has worked with all sectors of the industry, many National Aviation Authorities, and Government at all levels and brings a wealth of experience of safety management practice.

Jules has worked in Aviation in senior management positions in National and International aviation Authorities. He has been Director of Civil Aviation in the Netherlands, Director General of Civil Aviation in Belgium and as Director Rulemaking at the European Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA).

Over more than two decades Jules has been involved in policy making in his various positions, re-structuring Aviation Authorities, oversight of operators/airports/ANSPs and manufactures, Security, privatisation of Airports, developing of Safety, Economic and Environmental national and International regulations. During his Rulemaking directorship at EASA he was, besides having the responsibility for the developing of new EU/EASA safety regulations also responsible for the EASA International Department ( work on establishing safety working arrangements with Non-EU states , Technical Cooperation projects) and for the EASA legal department.
Jules has also been over the years Vice-President of EUROCONTROL, Board member of EASA, JAA Board and Chair of the ICAO-IFFAS fund.

Besides his work within TEASAS Jules is assistant Professor at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Both Jules and Ray are widely recognised for their broad range of experience in EU/EASA safety regulation.

Our Vision

To be universally recognised as the preferred provider of independent, expert advice on ICAO and EU/EASA regulatory matters.

Our Mission

To support the aviation industry in delivering safe air travel for travellers in Europe and worldwide.

We achieve this through the provision of:

  • a "Total System" consultancy and training service that breaks down the traditional "silo" thinking, adds value and improves overall safety performance
  • current, expert advice and guidance to States, industry representative organisations and individual companies that enables them to become familiar with the EU-aviation regulatory system, and ICAO SARPs, to the extent necessary for them to work effectively within the Global, and EU/EASA aviation system

TEASAS Associates

TEASAS specialists are industry and EASA/NAA experts recognised for their experience in EU/EASA and ICAO activities, e.g. members of ICAO panels and/or EASA rulemaking groups, certification experts etc. Typically they are:

  • Former EASA Staff
  • Former team Members of EASA Standardisation-teams (EASA and Member States staff)
  • Former members of Rulemaking groups (EASA Member States and Industry)
  • Former Staff from NAAs
  • Working in Qualified Entities certified by EASA