World Leaders in Aviation Safety and Security Regulations

TEASAS experts are specialists in aviation safety and security regulations, compliance and safety management, and partner with the world’s leading civil aviation organisations to improve safety performance.

As trusted and reliable advisors and partners, we use our consulting and training services to help regulators, industry, and governments advance best practice, develop safety and security thinking, and drive continuous improvement to safety performance We can assist the Aviation Authorities in (re)shaping their organisation to meet the challenges they face and to ensure the organisation meets the international standards.

TEASAS can also assist organisations to gain approvals such as DOA, POA, and MOA, and ensure that all the EU/EASA requirements are met.

We are currently working in the development of regulatory and operational requirements for RPAS. We are also providing training in product certification.

Our specialists are able to provide States with assistance in preparing for ICAO audits, by means of pre-audit assessments. We are also pleased to offer expert support in those cases where ICAO has identified Significant Safety Issues that need to be addressed.

Safety Performance

Aviation Safety Training Courses to develop Personal and Organisational Competence.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations for all aviation domains, including Airworthiness, Air Operations, Aerodromes, ATM, and Aviation Security.

Human Factors & Error Management

Human Factors, Error Management, Event Investigation, Reporting & Analysis, Continuous Improvement.

Compliance Monitoring

Quality Assurance, Compliance Monitoring, Pre-Audit Assessments, Audits, Management Assessments, Product Certification Audits.

Safety Management

Total System Approach, Safety Risk Management, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Safety Leadership, Safety Culture, Just Culture.

Implementing regulation

EU regulatory requirements are increasingly affecting the way that businesses need to operate. TEASAS helps clients to implement and comply with EU aviation regulations so as to help maximise overall business efficiency. TEASAS can also assist by representing Industry in Rulemaking activities.

Co-shaping policy

To avoid being surprised by new policy initiatives developed at EU and national levels, TEASAS can help you to enter the debate earlier in the development process and enable you to have a constructive and responsible influence on the outcome.

Developing strategies

TEASAS recognises that your company operates in political and societal contexts that may not be allied with business needs. We can develop strategies and solutions that will enable you to optimise safety and business performance within this operating environment.

Online Training

TEASAS can develop and provide on-line courses that enable your staff to undertake mandatory and optional safety training at a time and location that best suits your business, saving you cost and time.


  • Provision of advice and guidance on dealing with the European Union aviation regulatory system
  • Aligning Strategies
  • Assisting in establishing international cooperation with the EU
  • Providing an introduction to the EU- Transport Directorate, its policies and Agencies
  • Providing advice on how to deal with EU Accident and Investigation Boards
  • Organising events with senior aviation decision-makers from Authorities and Industry

Safety Management

  • State Safety Plans
  • Safety Management Systems


  • Pre-Audit preparation (for ICAO, EASA, and/or National Authorities)
  • Assistance and support in addressing post-audit findings and action plans

Aircraft certification

  • Assist with the development and on-going support of Design and Production organisations
  • Continued airworthiness
  • Providing advice and support in the certification of aviation products

Aerodrome and ATC

  • Providing advice and support on the certification and oversight of ANSP’s, Airports

Dangerous goods

  • Legislation development & review
  • Pre-ICAO audit
  • Setting up systems to ensure compliance with Annex 18
  • Audit/inspection of shippers, freight forwarders, handling agents and operators
  • Liaison with Designated Postal Operators
  • Representation at international meetings
  • Presentations at seminars
  • General advice

Cabin Crew

  • Cabin Crew Attestation
  • Oversight of cabin crew operations

Flight Operations

  • Advice and support on AOCs
  • Introduction on issues such as the 'EU-safety List' for non-EU operators (TCO)
  • Assist Non-EU States (and airlines) to improve performance to avoid, or be removed from the EU-Safety list
  • Provide support and guidance on Flight Time Limitations (FTL)

Medical Standards

  • Advice on European medical Standards (Regulation/AMEs etc.)


  • Providing advice and support on the regulatory structure covering RPAS/UAV, including certification


  • Strategic and tactical advice on security issues according to the ICAO and EU-standards