TEASAS is a signatory to the European Corporate Just Culture Declaration supporting the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation.
TEASAS provides training on EASA’s new UPRT requirements.
TEASAS supports Non-EU States in introducing, or aligning with European aviation regulations.
TEASAS provides on-line courses, delivering world-class training at a time and location that best suits your business.
TEASAS specialists provide consultancy, support and training in all aspects of aviation safety and security.
TEASAS takes a holistic “Total System Approach” to help you ensure that all risks to your safety and business performance are managed.
TEASAS supports States and Approved Organisations in their pre-audit preparation for ICAO and National Aviation Authority Audits.
Contact TEASAS for all your safety management solutions, from State Safety Plans to Safety Management Systems.

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